The 5 Best Breville Espresso Machine of 2020

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Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine
  1. Automatic microfoam milk texturing: The automatic steam wand allows you to adjust the milk temperature and texture to suit your taste; Delivering Barista quality microfoam that enhances the flavor of the coffee and is essential for creating latte art
  2. Faster heat up time: Innovative thermojet heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds; Ready to make your best coffee without the wait.Power : 1600 Watts
  3. 19 grams dose for full flavor: Achieve a consistent and balanced Espresso using the right amount of ground coffee; The 54 millimeter porta filter with 19 grams is the key for full flavor and café quality coffee
  4. Low pressure pre infusion: Low pressure pre infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup

374 ratings

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker
  1. Stainless-steel espresso machine with 15-bar thermoblock pump
  2. Dual-wall filter system for excellent crema; froth enhancer, cup-warming plate
  3. Accesories: Stainless steel frothing pitcher Tamping tool/measuring spoon/cleaning tool
  4. Removable drip tray and grid; Frothing jug included
  5. Measures 9 x 9 x 12 inches; 1-year limited warranty
  6. 40.6 oz (1.2 L) removable water tank

2674 ratings

Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine
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  1. 15 bar Italian made pump starts with low pressure to bloom coffee grounds, then gradually increases pressure for extraction
  2. Extract one or two espresso shots at a time; Manual control of espresso shot volume
  3. 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets included for use with freshly ground or pre ground coffee beans
  4. Steam wand for steaming and frothing milk, 61 ounce water tank capacity
  5. Includes Razor dose trimming tool, 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets, stainless steel milk container, and water filter and water filter holder

631 ratings

Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe
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  1. Breville’s patent pending steep & release valve holds the water in contact with the coffee when small cup volumes are being brewed without the carafe in place, automatically
  2. In gold cup preset mode, the Breville Precision Brewer automatically adjusts the water temperature and brew time to meet the standards set by the SCA
  3. Brew any volume of coffee exactly how you like it with the flat bottom & cone filter baskets, both included
  4. Power: 1650 Watts
  5. Voltage: 110 to 120 Volts

575 ratings

Breville BES840XL/A the Infuser Espresso Machine
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  1. Pre infusion function applies low water pressure at the start of the extraction to gently expand grinds for an even extraction; Water Tank Capacity: 61 ounce
  2. 1600 watts thermocoil heating system with integrated stainless steel water coil accurately controls water temperature; Settings: Single or Double Shot Volumetric Control & Manual Over ride. Dimensions : 13.7 x 11.5 x 13.2 inches
  3. Auto purge function automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature; 15 bar Italian pump provides complete volumetric control preset, manual over ride or re programmable volumes
  4. PID temperature control that delivers water at precisely the right temperature adjustable in 2 degree Celsius increments; Power 1700 Watts. Voltage: 110 to 120 Volts

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